B7.4 Homeostasis

A good powerpoint (although we don’t need the last few slides about controlling water levels):

Homeostasis of the body from Claire Gaukrodger

Science Bank 16 (Homeostasis): You only need Part 1 – Controlling Temperature (to 5m 10s) & Part 3- Controlling Blood Sugar Level (from 9m to 14m 10s):

B7.4 Revision notes

A powerpoint can be downloaded from here, a 5m 33s animation on Homeostasis is here & this link to GCSE Bitesize will help you revise the topic.

Videos include The Virtual Body – Homeostasis (19m), Homeostasis – The New Living Body (19m) & BBC Short Circuit Homeostasis (19m).


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 11, pp. 145 – 151

This powerpoint covers Homeostasis & Negative Feedback to slide 27; that’s all we need:



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