2.9 Photosynthesis

BioKnowledgy 2.9 Photosynthesis from Chris Paine.

A good, general overview of Photosynthesis (4m 52s):

In Crash Course Biology #8 – Photosynthesis, Hank explains, well, photosynthesis.

The simple story of photosynthesis and food from TED-Ed. Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos, or many assessment statements are covered by Stephanie Castle (with more being added all the time).

COMPULSORY PRACTICAL 4 – separation of photosynthetic pigments by chromatography

One way to do it is this: chlorophyll chromatography and an alternative method includes how to calculate Rf values. Hopefully the final result will be this. An alternative method:

 SAPS sheet 10 – TLC

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