7C Environment & Feeding Relationships

A 19m 16s video on Food Chains from Scientific Eye:

Want2TlkScience? – Food Chains & Food Webs a 6m 14s video; Science in Action – Food Webs & Chains – an 18m 20s video; Scientific Eye – Variety & Survival (20m).

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Living Things in their Environment – a video covering Habitats, Adaptation, Seasonal & Daily adaptations, Food Chains & Webs & Factors affecting Populations.

Scientific Eye – Habitat & Population (19m).

What happens to your body after you die? – Instant Egghead video (2m 10s).


Information on Investigating animal behaviour on KS3 Bitesize.

Predators & prey – Lion King ‘Threat to our Lives‘ song.

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