Topic 1 Cell Biology

Here are some past essay questions: Topic 2 Cells essay qus

Here are video tutorials for many assessment statements in topic 1 – just click on the one you want. Thank you to Stephanie Castle (at UNIS, New York).

Zoom into Secret Universe – the hidden life of the cell & here is an excellent zoom-in animation from Utah University – Cell size and scale.

Some excellent interactive animations & tutorials on Amazing cells.

How about seeing some real cells in action? Here is a Trachelius ciliate feeding on a Campanella ciliate, and here is a Paramecium feeding.

And here is a cool animation showing the dynamic world that is the inner life of a cell (the second version is narrated):

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      You are very welcome. Mr Cartlidge’s Saigon Science Blog is even more up-to-date for IB Biology


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