Some great Physics revision sites

Ms Stamp’s Science website might even be better than mine for Coordinated Sciences.


The full syllabus for Cambridge 0654 IGCSE Coordinated Sciences is here.


IGCSE Centre has all the past exam papers and mark schemes from 2002 onwards. AceThem and ExtremePapers also have past exam papers with mark schemes. At AOLpapers you can download all the past papers, markschemes, examiner reports etc from 2008 – 2015. There are many other sites that keep opening and closing – just remember our IGCSE syllabus is Sciences – Coordinated (Double) 0654 from Cambridge (CIE).


GCSE Bitesize for tutorials, tests, video clips and other activities. You’ll have to search to find the right topic but it’s there.

S-cool for tutorials, tests and revision sheets by topic.

IntelEducation for tutorials and tests by topic from Skoool.

GCSE Science for tutorials, quizzes & revision questions.

Grade Gorilla – an excellent series of revision quizzes – from the middle table pick the topic you want from ‘C.I.E.’ & good luck!

The Physics Classroom – revises all Physics topics with tutorials, animations & practice questions – some in more detail than you need (a great resource for teachers too).


Socratic Physics has a huge collection of videos explaining every Physics topic (a lot is applicable to IB Physics – so more detailed than we need).

Dr Physics A – a series of videos lessons covering some of the Physics syllabus.

The Physics Classroom – a collection of Physics videos.


Accelerated Study Notesrevision notes for all the Science topics.


Physclipsgreat presentations & animations (more IB than IGCSE but great stuff).

Fantastic interactive simulations from PhET (University of Colorado) – just choose the topic & have a play.

DEFINITIONS of science & engineering terms.

And, of course, there’s lots of good stuff on Dr Mukherjee’s blog.

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