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C3 Syllabus Statements

But just how small is an atom? – from TED-Ed.

Here are some key terms for this topic: Key Terms C3

Revision sites covering Bonding:

GCSE s-cool – Chemical Bonding – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary

For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down to ‘18.Structure, Properties and Bonding of Materials’.

Skoool Chemistry – click on ‘1. Structures & Bonding’ for excellent lessons that take you through the topic; also a glossary of key terms.

Worksheets from Mr Guch that cover Properties of Ionic & Covalent Compounds.

Great resources from the Australian International School – videos, powerpoints, worksheets, practicals, animations, flashcards etc.

For fun, here’s Chemical Party (a 1m 30s vid).

C3.5 Molecules & Covalent Bonds

A 15m lesson covering Ionic, Covalent & Metallic bonding from ChemistryKlipz (you don’t need metallic bonding in this topic):

A nice review of bonding and here’s a song:

And now we need another song. Oh, here’s Mr W singing his Octet Rule Song.


Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 4, pp.54 – 59

C3.6 Giant Structures

A 17m lesson about Giant Structures from ChemistryKlipz. 

TEXTBOOK REVISION Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 4, pp.60 – 61

The Periodic Table of Videos looks at Carbon – one of the most important elements for our lives on Earth. They look at various forms of elemental carbon, from diamonds to exotic graphene and buckyballs (10m 3s).

Here’s a 2m 31s lesson on Carbon (including graphite & diamond) by Peter Weatherall.

How about Burning a Diamond? – from the Royal Institution Christmas lectures of 2012.

A dynamic (wow!) periodic table is here.

Why not try the Periodic Table time trial challenge? – it’s addictive.