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C14.1 Fuels

Fractional Distillation – The Virtual School (4m 6s):

Crude Oil Fractions & their Uses – The Virtual School (4m 6s):

Oil Distillation – a great 3 minute video or watch Science Bank 1 (Raw Materials): you only need part 1, Crude Oil & Fractional Distillation (up to 5m 20s).

Here is an animation to show the formation of coal and oil.

Fuels revision flash cards from Quizlet:

Separation Techniques

These are quite good but you do not need to know about Centrifugation or Sublimation:


Online Separation Techniques from Hwa Chong Institution

IGCSE Chemistry: Topic 2 Experimental Techniques, a 7m lesson by Sal Sciab.

GCSE s-cool – atomic structure includes Separating Mixtures – excellent revision notes & animations.

A nice little video on Separation Techniques from TEDEd; only the first bit is strictly relevant to the syllabus but it’s interesting: