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9.1 Transport in the Xylem of Plants

9.1 transport in the xylem of plants from Bob Smullen

Fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – Water Uptake, Mineral Uptake.

A 13m 43s video lesson covering all of 9.1 from Dan Rott:

Paul Andersen explains how nutrients and water are transported in plants in Plant Nutrition & Transport.

Here’s a simple transpiration animation & here’s a great animation in which you can change the factors that affect the rate of transpiration.

B5.1 Transport in Plants

B5.1 Revision notes in downloadable word format and here are key terms and some definitions: Key Terms B5.1.

A nice short introduction to Plants, Growth & Transport (from Twig World):


Transport in plants in three and a half minutes:

Or how about a whole lesson from Mr Paul Andersen? He goes into more detail than we need (we have to know about Dicots but not Monocots), but he’s good:

The most amazing thing about trees (5m video).


More-detailed than we need but it’s good:

Mr Paul Andersen starts by defining transpiration as evaporation of water from a leaf. He then describes how a potometer can be used to measure the rate of transpiration in different environments:

How to use set-up a potometer: Transpiration: the power of the potometer, a 17m video from STEM Learning.


Here’s a 2m video on Phloem Loading (in a little more detail than we need).


Specialized Leaves, a short 1m 39s video.


For self-assessment questions, with exercises and discussions, just click on the correct topic at Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank.

Skoool gives you a lesson, including progress questions, for each Biology topic but you’ll need sound on for it. GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity. 


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 8, pp.100 – 107 & 109 – 110