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Environmental Systems & Societies

IB subject website for the new ESS guide

Here is the wikibook for ESS

Free comprehensive IB revision materials for ESS from and here are some ESS materials from Ms Iqbal at Uplift North Hills. Resources can also be found at Mr Green’s weebly and online resources (especially worksheets) from Pearson.

Some ESS definitions from Quizlet.

The Sciencebitz Environmental Systems website is designed to help students who are studying ESS (old guide).

What is the subject of Environmental Systems & Societies? – a description from the IB.

From the IB, here is the latest guide:

ESS guide 2017

and here are some FAQs apparently:


Human Evolution

D3 Human Evolution notes – these are taken from BioNinja (with thanks).

Timeline of Human Evolution – from 530 mya – interesting but not useful for the exam (3m 28s):

Here’s another power-point (a bit more detailed than above):

Hardy-Weinberg Principle

D4 The Hardy Weinberg Principle notes – these are taken from BioNinja (with thanks).

Paul Andersen (from Bozeman High) shows you how to Solve Hardy-Weinberg Problems.

Here are three sites with practice Hardy-Weinberg questions: here, here, and here.

In Crash Course Biology #18 – Population Genetics: When Darwin met Mendel, Hank talks about population genetics including the Hardy-Weinberg equation.

The Hardy-Weinberg Principle: Watch your Ps and Qs – a video lesson with some practice questions.