How about some games like the Periodic Table time trial challenge – it’s addictive – or you could play Chemical Compound Hangman or test your reactions with sheep.


Like Science? Then check out over 200 episodes of the SciShow, with Hank Green, here or here:

Or how about Vsauce? Playlist here.

AsapSCIENCE – a weekly dose of fun and interesting science.


Here’s a random collection of ‘sciencey’ YouTube clips:

Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife (2m 54s)

Can You Be Scared To Death? AsapSCIENCE (2m 37s)

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests – Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention Episode 1 Preview – BBC One (2m 37s)

A Toy Train in Space (2m 28s)

Humility – Carl Sagan (4m 54s)

Powers of Ten™ from 1977 takes us on an adventure in magnitudes (9m)

TED talks here – for example David Gallo: Underwater astonishments – a great TED talk (6m). And here are some TED-Ed videos: what’s invisible? More than you think – John Lloyd (8m 47s); just how small is an atom? – Jonathan Bergmann (5m 27s); the physics of sperm vs. the physics of sperm whales – Aatish Bhatia (4m 17s).

Why do cats always land on their feet? – a 6m 26s video that answers this question without harming any cats (much).


Science Quizzes from Science Kids


From ‘the chemistry of chocolate’ to ‘the aroma of new cars’, compound interest has superb infographics on all sorts of everyday chemical compounds.


HowStuffWorks is dedicated to satiating curiosity and explaining the world around you. Apparently.

Science news for students:

Or how about the Science Weekly podcast from the Guardian or New Scientist – the weekly international science magazine?

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  1. Graça Kiboi


    My name is Graça Kiboi and I am a year 1 IGCSE student from Kenya who currently studies at Seoul Foreign School. I just wanted to thank you for creating this website. You have no idea how much you have saved me. Because of you, I passed my mid-terms. You are my hero.

    Many thanks,

  2. manjary mohanraj

    I’m manjary mohanraj from India and I’m doing my 1st year in igcse. Your website is absolutely amazing. It has helped me so much ways that I cant even count it. I’ve also come first in three continuous tests.
    Thank you so much

    1. Mr Cartlidge Post author

      Congratulations to you Manjary! It is your hard work that has been rewarded. And thank you for your kind words, it is always lovely to hear from students who are using my blog. All the best for next year!

  3. Lena

    I am so so glad to have found this website- it is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen a revision site better than this- I love how everything covered on here is from the specification as well as all the videos, key term lists and printable revision guides. I just discovered this site and I have a practice test in December and the real exam in May so I am going to use this website a lot. Thank you so much for making it- It must have taken ages to make all the wonderful content !

    1. Mr Cartlidge Post author

      It is an ongoing process. Thank you for your lovely comments and the best of luck to you in your exams!

  4. Landis Cunningham

    We have just found your blog this week. I wish I had found it last year when I was doing extended IGCSE sciences. I wish I had come across then as I only got a B for my externals. I was wondering if you have anything for or can recommend an such site for AS Biology. This a wonderful site and good luck to all those your hard work and dedication may help.

    1. Mr Cartlidge Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I don’t teach A level any more but you could try, which looks pretty good for Edexcel.

  5. Nancy Suz

    This is a fabulous website! Thank you for being so giving. You have contributed to students’ education all over the world in a selfless way.

    Grateful mother


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