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P9 Electromagnetic Spectrum

Science Bank 6 (Electromagnetic Spectrum): part 1 – the visible spectrum (to 4m 40s); part 2 – longer waves (to 9m 15s); part 3 – shorter waves (to 14m 15s):


Three short video clips from Clipbank: the Electromagnetic Spectrum, UV & X-rays & the passionate Jon Chase describes Electromagnetic Radiation in 4m 19s.

All the different forms of radiation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum are described here in a 24m 30s video (BBC KS4 Class Clips).

Other videos include How does a microwave work? from Naked Science Scrapbook (4m 35s), Waves & Communication from Jon Chase (4m 19s), Science in Focus – Electromagnetic Spectrum (19m 9s), & in GCSE Bitesize foundation level – Waves  – the second part revises the electromagnetic spectrum.