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8H Rock Cycle

Scientific Eye – Rocks – a 19m 8s video:

Want2TlkScience? – a 10m 29s video on Rocks:

Also Science in Action – Rocks (18m 46s); Scientific Eye – River of Rock (20m) & KS3 Bitesize – Changing Materials – a video covering differences between Physical & Chemical Changes, Dissolving, Expansion & Contraction & the Rock Cycle.

Here is a spectacular Volcano vid from National Geographic.

Rock cycle infographic, posted on by KIDS DISCOVER:


8F Compounds & Mixtures

KS3 BitesizeElements, Compounds & Mixtures & Separation Techniques (a 14m 21s video); Elements, Compounds & Mixtures  (a video covering Elements, Compounds & Mixtures and the Periodic Table) and Chemical Reactions (a video covering Word Equations, Oxidation & Combustion Reactions, Decomposition Reactions & Helpful & Unhelpful Reactions).

Atoms, Molecules, Elements & Compounds (Wan2tlkScience?), a 9m 18s video; Scientific EyeAtoms & Molecules (19m); Science in Action – Mixtures (19m).