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P7 Waves

Science Bank 5 (Waves): part 1 – introduction to waves (to 4m 15s); part 2 – reflection (to 9m 30s); part 3 – refraction (to 14m 10s):

P7 waves from davaruss

A short (3m 48s) video clip on Types of Wave (Clipbank).

Curriculum Bites has two short revision videos– Waves (5m 57s) & Uses of Waves (5m 19s).

GCSE Bitesize foundation level – Waves (17m 22s) – the first part covers the characteristics of waves.

P8 Light

New GCSE Bitesize – Light (4m 48s):

P8 light from davaruss

P8 converging lens from davaruss


Three short videos clips from Clipbank: Rules of Reflection, Reflection from Mirrors & Parabolic Reflectors.


A short (3m 14s) video clip on Rules of Refraction form Clipbank and from Bitesize Top 20 Demos – Refraction (1m 39s).

Two short clips on TIR: Total Internal Reflection (2m 11s) from Bitesize Top 20 Demos & Total Internal Reflection (1m 36s) from Clipbank. Also, from BT Educational services a 13m 15s video – Physics of Optical Communication.