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Fantastic IB Biology sites

BioKnowledgy – a simply wonderful IB Biology blog – EVERYTHING you need is there. Hats off to Chris Paine (at Dulwich College, Shangai).

Mr Rott’s Science Room – great IB Biology resources: videos, notes and lectures from Dan Rott, Tualatin High School, Tanzania.

Romyfriedmanbiology – presentations, flashcards of definitions, video & other resources from Romy Friedman, at Beijing City International School (BCIS).

Mrs Kathy Morton, Richwoods High School, IB Bio resources – notes, quizzes, presentations & linked activities for every sub-topic (up to topic 6 so far).

Biology for Life – go to syllabus 2016 – the assessment statements link to class notes, notes templates, presentations & news items (very much a work in progress – if you can’t find the topic you want now, check back in a few weeks). From Gretel von Bargen, Skyline High School, Washington.

Mr Exham IB – not a lot there yet, but his IGCSE & A level coverage is fantastic.

IB Biology homepage from The Open Door Web Site – not specific to IB but lots of relevant info, especially on Biology skills.

IBWorldMe – notes on most of the topics, some with links to activities & videos.

Biozone – stuck for Bio resources, just chose your topic under Biolinks and you’re sure to find a useful site.


For the complete IB Biology guide for the new syllabus (first exams in 2016), click here.


IBDP past papers are relatively easy to find but sites with them on close down frequently or are forced to remove them once the IB finds out. Here is one site: free exam papers.

IB Blueprint has lots of videos that talk you through exam questions – only you can decide how useful they are.


IBWorldMe – notes on most of the topics with links to activities & videos

Mrs Kathy Morton, Richwoods High School, IB Bio resources – notes for every sub-topic (up to topic 6 so far)

BioNinja – updated for the new syllabus coming.

VIDEOS (tutorials/podcasts/lessons)

Misterleescience – videos covering the old syllabus & 44 new ones being added. From Alex Lee (and his students) at Seisen International School, Tokyo.

Dan Rott videos – great IB Biology lectures from Dan Rott, Tualatin High School, Tanzania (many topics covered).

SCScienceVid – videos covering the old SL topics & new ones being added, as well as advice on exam technique, revision etc. From Stephanie Castle at the UNIS, New York.

IB Biology notes – videos of class notes from Peter Stanley IST, Tanzania.

Crash Course Biology – all 40 Crash Course Biology videos with Hank Green – excellent content, although he talks really fast. He also covers Ecology & Chemistry; his brother John covers History & English Literature.

BozemanBiology  – video lectures from Mr Paul Andersen, teacher at Bozeman High School, Montana.

IBScrewed – Biology & other videos from IB Screwed (not many there as yet).

IB Biology video lessons covering many topics from roxprice. and also Luiz Mello.

Khan Academy – video lectures on Biology topics (many other subjects also covered). Includes interactive challenges and assessments.


Online labs Highered- Mcgraw-Hill website for Virtual Labs: recreations of actual scientific experiments.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute website: lots of different interactive resources.

PhET interactive simulations from the University of Colorado.


Very short, simple biochemical animations from St Olaf College can be found here and Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry (from Wiley) have a number of biochemistry animations, tutorials & quizzes. Also W H Freeman have 106 in-depth tutorials to illustrate and explain some of the many complex topics in biology.

Some excellent interactive animations & tutorials on cells, DNA, genetics, genetic engineering, variation & evolution – – from Utah University.

Over 200 medical animations that include fertilisation, ovulation, birth, heart anatomy, effects of smoking & high cholesterol.

Get Body Smart: superb interactive, illustrated tutorials and quizzes on human anatomy and physiology.


Of more use to teachers than students: from Chris Paine (at Dulwich College, Shangai) – taken from his fabulous blog BioKnowledgy. from Bob Smullen, Commack High School in Commack, New York. from Jason de Nys, AIS, Hong Kong. from R. Price, International School of Eastern Seaboard (ISE), Thailand. from Jacob Cedarbaum, Nicholas Senn High School, Chicago, USA. from Maria Teresa Asprella Libonati.


Biology Dictionary has more than just definitions of key terms. Not sure what a scientific (or engineering) term means? Then try here – DEFINITIONS.

42 IB Biology definitions as flashcards from – you can print them, test yourself or play Jewels of Wisdom. There are other Biology topics and subjects here too.

53 IB Biology definitions as flashcards from Quizlet – learn them, test yourself or play the space game, and here are another 175 terms from Quizlet.

The IB Biology Exam

Take a deep breath and relax…..

For the complete IB Biology guide for the new syllabus (first exams in 2016), click here.

Exam tips – how to answer multichoice & essay-style questions (a 2m 30s video)

It is vital to revise for your exams but you must understand what the questions are asking you – what the command terms mean:

BioKnowledgy Command Terms In IB Biology from Chris Paine

Stephanie Castle gives descriptions and examples of each of the OLD syllabus IB Command terms and explains how you are expected to apply your knowledge to gain maximum marks on that question:

Revision by drawing – OLD syllabus but relevant (from Mr Taylor of iBiology):