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Extended Essay (EE)

Extended Essay Orientation – a great introduction to the EE from Mr Meenach at TCHS, Kentucky (some of the information is specific to his school). If the Prezi doesn’t load, try this powerpoint:

The key to a good Extended Essay is to come up with a good Research Question (RQ) – this will take you a while and more than one attempt. For more advice read the Uplands Extended Essay guide: Uplands EE guide 2016 and here is the complete IB guide: EE guide 2013

Here’s a great EE template from Stephen Taylor’s iBiology:

Extended Essay Frame from Stephen Taylor.

Great Extended Essay tips from Wikibooks and here is Extended Essay Central for exemplars, essays by previous students, examiner reports, subject guides and information for supervisors and students. Also general EE advice from iBiology and Bioknowledgy (this one is more specific to the Sciences).

Here is the IB guide to Extended Essays – read the advice and the subject specific details. Want to explain what the Extended Essay is to your parents? – then go here.

PHYSICS EE – some advice & some examples.


You can access your Questia account here for the online research library with access to books, journals, articles, and encyclopedias plus helpful citation tools.


Referencing advice from UWSEA here and  Questia account here.

Citation Machine will automatically generate citations in MLA, APA, Chigaco, Turabian, and Harvard. We tend to use Modern Language Association (MLA) style and here is how you do that:

Mla documentation module 7th ed from krapert11

How to recognise plagiarism: an excellent tutorial. Can you pass the test?


How to write an EE abstract:

Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

Ib theory of_knowledge_bms_presentation lauwers from bmslibrary2 – an excellent presentation (just ignore the outdated diploma points matrix on slide 27)

What is ToK? from IBhacks. Here is the complete IB guide: TOK guide 2015

Here is the link to Mr Hoye’s brilliant ToK website. The Rabat American School has a great moodle with a ToK  section and Simon Taylor’s Theory of Knowledge website is here.

The subject of Biology often generates ToK links – this is Mr Taylor’s fantastic i-Biology ToK section.

How does your EE and ToK grade affect your DP points score?:

Diploma points matrix