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B2 Cells

All of B2 Revision notes in downloadable word format and here are the key terms and definitions: Key terms B2

GCSE Bitesize – Cell Activity – covers animal & plant cells, movement in & out of cells & cell division (18m). Science in Focus – Cell Biology – a 19m video.

How about seeing some real cells in action? Here is a Trachelius ciliate feeding on a Campanella ciliate, and here is a Paramecium feeding:

For self-assessment questions, with exercises and discussions, just click on the correct topic at Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank. Powerpoints can be downloaded from the same site here. The s-cool revision site lets you revise the topic, summarizes the topic & tests you on it. Skoool gives you a lesson, including progress questions, for each Biology topic but you’ll need sound on for it. 



Just click to enlarge (thank you LadyofHats).

B2.2 Movement into & out of cells

Ks4 movement in and out of cells from SUSAN MATHEW

Mr Andersen (from Bozeman High) gives a brief description of osmosis:

And here he talks us through an osmosis practical.

GCSE Bitesize – Diffusion & Osmosis – a 4m 24s video and Bitesize Top 20 Demos – Osmosis (3m 44s).

B2.2 Revision notes in downloadable word format.

Mr W’s Osmosis! rap:

And here’s a long powerpoint:


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 2, pp.13 – 17 & chapter 3, pp.20 – 28

Here is another presentation, covering the effect of osmosis on cells: