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The whole Chemistry syllabus in one powerpoint

Just about all you need to know is here:

You can download it: Chemistry Revision Guide (2016) and yes, it is the same for the 2016 syllabus as it was for 2013 – 2014 (thank you Mr Field).

And this just covers the Industrial Chemistry sections:

Industrial chemistry from cartlidge

Here are Revision sheets (for you to download and complete) that cover all the practical techniques you need to know:

and here are all the chemical reactions that you must know:

Some great Chemistry revision sites

Ms Stamp’s Science website might even be better than mine for Coordinated Sciences.


The full syllabus for Cambridge 0654 IGCSE Coordinated Sciences is here.


IGCSE Centre has all the past exam papers and mark schemes from 2002 onwards. AceThem and ExtremePapers also have past exam papers with mark schemes. At AOLpapers you can download all the past papers, markschemes, examiner reports etc from 2008 – 2015. There are many other sites that keep opening and closing – just remember our IGCSE syllabus is Sciences – Coordinated (Double) 0654 from Cambridge (CIE).


Mister Guch for Chemistry worksheets and mark schemes, as well as Chemactive.

Doc Brown’s site is full of quizzes, worksheets, crosswords and other good stuff, just scroll down to find what you want but wear your dark glasses – it’s colourful!

You can practise balancing chemical equations here – and it’s fun (honestly).


GCSE Bitesize for tutorials, tests, video clips and other activities. You’ll have to search to find the right topic but it’s there.

S-cool for tutorials, tests and revision sheets by topic.

IntelEducation for tutorials and tests by topic from Skoool.

GCSE Science for tutorials, quizzes & revision questions.

A Quantitative Chemistry quiz – for teams or individuals.


Cambridge Home School has a large range of videos covering IGCSE Chemistry

As does IGCSE Tube

Socratic Chemistry has a huge collection of videos explaining every Chemistry topic (a lot is applicable to IB Chemistry – so more detailed than we need).

Cambridge Home School has a large range of videos covering IGCSE Chemistry, as does IGCSE Tube.


Accelerated Study Notesif you don’t like our revision guide (above), try these.


Fantastic interactive simulations from PhET (University of Colorado) – just choose the topic & have a play.


From ‘the chemistry of chocolate’ to ‘the aroma of new cars’, compound interest has superb infographics on all sorts of everyday chemical compounds.

DEFINITIONS of science & engineering terms.

Some great Chemistry apps.

Textbook Revision (Chemistry)

There is no revision guide for IGCSE Coordinated Sciences but there are guides for the separate Sciences, here is a list of them:

IGCSE Science Revision Guides

Your textbook (Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, Gallagher & Ingram) is excellent but it is aimed at the IGCSE Chemistry rather than the IGCSE Coordinated Sciences, so you don’t need to revise it all. The following documents, tell you which pages to revise:

Textbook pages for Chem revision (by topic)

Textbooks pages for Chem revision (numerical)

 Textbook pages for CORE Chem revision