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7L Solar System & Beyond

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Earth & Beyond  – a video covering the Movement of Earth, the apparent movement of the Sun & Stars, the Planets & Satellites:


Day and Night explanation – an awful video. Another terrble video is Larry’s leapin’ leap year.


Two videos explain the seasons – the Reasons for the Seasons and Bill Nye explains the seasons.


Two more videos about the lunar phases – why does the moon change shape? and the Lunar Cycle.

Some other lunar videos include how big is the Moon? (in a nutshell, 1m 40s)  and  The Moon (8m, from the Open University).


What is a Solar eclipse? – a 2m video. An amazing total (annular) solar eclipse from 2014. Next solar eclipse visible from Malaysia – Wednesday 9th March 2016 – details here.

What is a Lunar Eclipse? – a 2m video; Eclipses: Crash Course Astronomy – a 10m video.


The Solar System – our home in space (in a nutshell):

A 19m 21s video on the Solar System from Scientific Eye:

Some other videos include Scientific Eye: Stars & Planets (19m 50s), Exploring our solar system: planets and space for kids (12m video) & the solar system’s ten most incredible moons – a nice 7m 30s video (although some of the photos aren’t real).

Some idea of size comparisonssolar system body scale (a 2m animation), star size comparison (a 2m 30s animation), and here’s got balls. How big are the distances between the planets? – OMG Space will help you to understand.


The obseravble Universe – a zoom out (3m 30s); our place in the Universe (Carl Sagan); the Milky Way from Chile.


Orbit 2015 – views of the Earth from the ISS (3m)

All the Crash Course Astronomy videos.

How the International Space Station was built (a 5m TED-Ed video).

7K Forces & their Effects

Forces (Wan2tlkScience?) a 10m video; from Scientific Eye – a 19m video on Force & Friction and a 19m 21s video on Air Forces.

Science in Action – Friction – an 18m 42s video.

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Forces & Motion – a video covering Speed, Balanced & Unbalanced Forces, Forces in Action and the Effects of Forces.

Scientific Eye: Speed & Safety (19m).

Two videos on Weight versus Mass:

Mass, volume, density, and Archimedes:

Buoyancy from Bill Nye:

Scientific Eye: Floating & Sinking (19m 45s).

7J Electric Circuits

A 19m 24s video on Electricity from Scientific Eye:

Mr. Andersen (from Bozeman High School) contrasts series and parallel electrical circuits:

Electricity (Wan2tlkScience?), a 8m 38s video; Science in Action – Electricitya 19m video; Scientific Eye: Static Electricity (19m 28s).

Want to build your own circuits at home? Try this site for Science simulations:

or just click & run from here:

Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only)

Click to Run

7I Energy Resources

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Energy Resources – a video covering the different forms of Energy & Energy Resources. 

Energy 101: Electricity Generation, a 5m 19s video explaining different fuels, thermal power generation, transmission and the grid; Generating Electricity – a 1m 35s video explaining how electricity can be generated using fuel, a boiler, water, steam, turbine and generator; Hydroelectric Power – a 2m 11s video.

Science in Action: Energy – a 19m video;  Scientific Eye: Fuels (19m 10s) and Energy (19m 48s).