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C8.4 Identification of Ions & Gases

The Virtual School video clips on how to test for gases, for anions (carbonates, sulphates & nitrates), for cations (copper, iron, zinc & ammonium) and ammonium ions (2nd half) .

IGCSE Chemistry, a 25m lesson from ChemistryKlipz covers testing for ions from 19m 45s to 25m 30s.

For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down to ’23.Chemical Tests for Identification’.

Great resources from the Australian International School – videos, powerpoints, worksheets, practicals, animations, flashcards etc.

This powerpoint revises group properties (from C9 The Periodic Table) and then covers testing for ions & gases:


Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 19, p.285 – 287 (we don’t need Al, Ca, Br or I)