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P7 Waves

Science Bank 5 (Waves): part 1 – introduction to waves (to 4m 15s); part 2 – reflection (to 9m 30s); part 3 – refraction (to 14m 10s):

P7 waves from davaruss

A short (3m 48s) video clip on Types of Wave (Clipbank).

Curriculum Bites has two short revision videos– Waves (5m 57s) & Uses of Waves (5m 19s).

GCSE Bitesize foundation level – Waves (17m 22s) – the first part covers the characteristics of waves.

P8 Light

New GCSE Bitesize – Light (4m 48s):

P8 light from davaruss

P8 converging lens from davaruss


Three short videos clips from Clipbank: Rules of Reflection, Reflection from Mirrors & Parabolic Reflectors.


A short (3m 14s) video clip on Rules of Refraction form Clipbank and from Bitesize Top 20 Demos – Refraction (1m 39s).

Two short clips on TIR: Total Internal Reflection (2m 11s) from Bitesize Top 20 Demos & Total Internal Reflection (1m 36s) from Clipbank. Also, from BT Educational services a 13m 15s video – Physics of Optical Communication.

P9 Electromagnetic Spectrum

Science Bank 6 (Electromagnetic Spectrum): part 1 – the visible spectrum (to 4m 40s); part 2 – longer waves (to 9m 15s); part 3 – shorter waves (to 14m 15s):


Three short video clips from Clipbank: the Electromagnetic Spectrum, UV & X-rays & the passionate Jon Chase describes Electromagnetic Radiation in 4m 19s.

All the different forms of radiation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum are described here in a 24m 30s video (BBC KS4 Class Clips).

Other videos include How does a microwave work? from Naked Science Scrapbook (4m 35s), Waves & Communication from Jon Chase (4m 19s), Science in Focus – Electromagnetic Spectrum (19m 9s), & in GCSE Bitesize foundation level – Waves  – the second part revises the electromagnetic spectrum.

8K Light

Scientific Eye – Light & Reflection – a 19m 7s video:

A video lesson on Light (10m).

Bill Nye – Light & Colour – a 6m video clip.

Science in Action – Light – a 19m video.

Science in Action – Mirrors & Light – a 19m video.

Science in Action – Colour & Refraction – a 18m 36s video.

KS3 Bitesize – Light & Sound – a 21m 17s (foundation level) video & Colour – a 9m (higher level) video.

Scientific Eye – Seeing the Light – a 19m 18s video:

Scientific Eye – Colour – a 19m 6s video:

Scientific Eye: Seeing & Believing (15m).

8.3 Photosynthesis

BioKnowledgy 8.3 Photosynthesis AHL from Chris Paine.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos.

8.2 Photosynthesis essay qus

Paul Andersen explains the process of Photosynthesis in a 12m 27s tutorial:

Or here is part 1 of a series of tutorials, specific to IB Biology.

A short, simple animation to show photosynthetic electron transport and here is an animated video that explains the LDR.

Click on ‘Photosynthesis’ to see an Interactive Animation from Wiley or here are some fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – Photophosporylation (cyclic & non-cyclic) – a bit more detailed than we need but its good, photosynthesis electron transport & ATP synthesis &  the Calvin cycle.

Finally, here’s an animated, narrated tutorial on harvesting light – PSI & PSII in photosynthesis – from Sinauer Associates.

Mr W sings Photosynthesis – the LDR and the LIR.