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8.1 Metabolism

BioKnowledgy 8.1 Metabolism (AHL) from Chris Paine.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos.

Activation Energy:

Mr Bozeman describes Enzymes:

Enzyme Inhibition explained:

Short, simple animations about enzymes to show conformational change/straintransition state (activation energy), proximity and orientation, chemical interaction, biochemical pathway & allosteric enzyme.

Here are some fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – how enzymes worka biochemical pathway  &  feedback inhibition of biochemical pathways.
Wiley have a number of Interactive Animations about enzymes, just click on ‘Catalysis’ or ‘Enzyme Inhibition’ or ‘Enzyme Specificity’ in the link.

They also have ‘Introduction to Metabolism’ & click on ‘Metabolic Process Location’ to see an Interactive Animation which is a good review of metabolic processes in the human body.

2.1 Molecules to Metabolism

BioKnowledgy 2.1 Molecules to metabolism from Chris Paine (at Dulwich College Shangai) – taken from his fabulous blog BioKnowledgy.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos, or many assessment statements are covered by Stephanie Castle.

In Crash Course Biology #1 – ‘that’s why Carbon is a Tramp’, Hank introduces us to the chemistry of life:

What’s in a molecule? – The science of macaroni salad from TED-Ed (3m 15s).