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8B Respiration

Breathing videos – The Human Body: Breathing (11m 42s); BBC Curriculum Bites: Breathing (1m), Breathing 2 (1m 25s), Breathing 3 (3m).

Scientific Eye – Energy for Life – a 19m 9s video:

Science in Action – Respiration – a 19m 13s video.

Want2TlkScience? –Respiration – a 6m 27s video.

Scientific Eye – Breathing – a 14m 18s video.

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Humans as Organisms part 1 – a video covering nutrition & the digestive system, the skeletal system & how muscles work, then finally the process of Respiration and the Respiratory System.

A nice simplied powerpoint and here’s a 4m 25 s video: The Human Body – Heart & Circulation .

8.2 Cell Respiration

BioKnowledgy 8.2 Cell respiration AHL from Chris Paine.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos.

8.1 Cell Respiration essay qus

Paul Andersen covers the processes of aerobic and anaerobic Cellular Respiration in a 14m 14s tutorial.

Short, simple animations to show mitochondrial electron transport, ATP synthase & ATP synthase mechanism

Here are some fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – how glycolysis works, how NAD+ works, how the Krebs cycle works, the ETC & ATP synthase & proton pump & ATP synthase.

Wiley have a number of Interactive Animations about Cell Respiration that take you through it step-by-step; just click on ‘Glycolysis’ or ‘Citric Acid Cycle’ or ‘Oxidative Phosphorylation’ in the link.

Another animated tutorial of the ETS is here.

How Cells Obtain Energy a 14m 2s vid from 2004:

Powering the Cell: Mitochondria, a 2m 9s visual treat from Harvard University; and here is part of it with narration.

Mr W sings the Glycolysis! rap and then the Kreb’s! rap.



Animal mitochondrion structure & the human mitochondrial genome (click to enlarge)





2.8 Cell Respiration

BioKnowledgy 2.8 Cell respiration from Chris Paine.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos, or many assessment statements are covered by Stephanie Castle (with more being added all the time).

In Crash Course Biology #7 – ATP & Respiration, in which Hank does some push-ups for science and describes the “economy” of cellular respiration and the various processes whereby our bodies create energy in the form of ATP.

B6 Syllabus Statements

All of the B6 Revision notes are here in downloadable word format and here are key terms and definitions: Key Terms B6

For self-assessment questions, with exercises and discussions, just click on the correct topic at Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank. A powerpoint can be downloaded from the same site here. The s-cool revision site lets you revise the topic, summarizes the topic & tests you on it. Skoool gives you a lesson, including progress questions, for each Biology topic but you’ll need sound on for it. GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity.


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 9, pp. 112 – 119 & 121 – 123

B6.1 Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration

What is aerobic respiration? a short (51s) introductory video from Clipbank.

Aerobic anaerobic respiration from faroukfj99 (a nice simple powerpoint)

B6.1 Revision notes in downloadable word format.

Science Bank 8 (Biological Reactions): you only need Part 2 – Respiration (from 5m 20s to 9m 55s):

Dr. Kiki talks about how fermentation works and whips up some home made ginger ale at the end.


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 9, pp. 112 – 115