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8C Microbes & Disease

Scientific Eye – Microbes & Disease – a 19m 13s video:

Scientific Eye – Microbes & Health – a 19m video:

Science in Action – Microbes – a 19m video.

How do vaccines work? – a TED-Ed lesson from Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut:

What is a Fungus? – a TED-Ed lesson from the Naked Science Scrapbook:

You and your microbes – a TEDEd lesson from Jessica Green & Karen Guilleman.

11.1 Antibody Production & Vaccination

Defense Against Infectious Disease (AHL) from Stephen Taylor – thank you Mr T (of iBiology) –  from the OLD syllabus, much is still relevant.

Fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – the Immune response, T-cell dependent antigens, Epitopes, antigen-presenting cells & T-helper cells, cytotoxic T-cells & monoclonal antibody selection.

Three videos from TED-Ed: how we conquered the deadly smallpox virus (well, if we ignore the work of the WHO); Learning from smallpox: how to eradicate a disease and here’s a simple answer to How do vaccines work?


Vaccine infographic created by Leon Farrant.

VaccinationInfographic from Compound Interest.

The top 10 vaccine infographics here.


6.3 Defence against Infectious Disease

Thanks to Mr Taylor (of iBiology) for the powerpoint – from the OLD syllabus but some great stuff.

Fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – HIV replication (how a retrovirus replicates) & how the HIV infection cycle works – and an animated, narrated tutorial on the life cycle of HIV which also includes a quiz (from Sinauer Associates). All in more detail than we need. Why it’s so hard to cure HIV/AIDS (a TED-Ed lesson).

Mr W sings I’m a Virus!:

In Crash Course Biology #32 – Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer, Hank tells us about the team of deadly ninja assassins that is tasked with protecting our bodies from all the bad guys that want to kill us – also known as our immune system.

B5.2 Transport in Humans

Mr Exham’s site has a fantastic section on Blood and Circulation: videos, animations, quizlets, worksheets – go here now!

For self-assessment questions, with exercises and discussions, just click on the correct topic at Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank. The s-cool revision site lets you revise the topic, summarizes the topic & tests you on it. Skoool gives you a lesson, including progress questions, for each Biology topic but you’ll need sound on for it. GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity. 

B5.2 Revision notes in downloadable word format and here are the key terms and some definitions: Key Terms B5.2.


GCSE Bitesize – Blood Circulation covers how the heart circulates blood & the composition of blood (6m 35s).

Other videos include The Virtual Body – Circulation, Respiration & Breathing (19m), Science in Focus – Life Blood (19m 15s) & BBC Short Circuit Blood & Circulation (19m).

Various animations about heart & circulation problems can be found here.


Blood video (a 3m 44s lesson) & Blood music video by Peter Weatherall – 3m 3s and very catchy! And here is a day in the life of a Red Blood Cell (a one minute cartoon) & here a white blood cell chases a bacterium (20s).


Science Bank 22 (Body Parts): you just need Part 2 – the Heart (from 5m 20s to 10m 15s):


The Immune System is covered in the video The Virtual Body – the Immune System (19m), The Edward Jenner Story (a 2m 38s cartoon) & in this short video from The Virtual School:


IGCSE Biology: Coursebook, chapter 8, pp. 84 – 97

Infographic from Compound InterestChemistry-of-Blood-Colours-v2.3