8B Respiration

Breathing videos – The Human Body: Breathing (11m 42s); BBC Curriculum Bites: Breathing (1m), Breathing 2 (1m 25s), Breathing 3 (3m).

Scientific Eye – Energy for Life – a 19m 9s video:

Science in Action – Respiration – a 19m 13s video.

Want2TlkScience? –Respiration – a 6m 27s video.

Scientific Eye – Breathing – a 14m 18s video.

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Humans as Organisms part 1 – a video covering nutrition & the digestive system, the skeletal system & how muscles work, then finally the process of Respiration and the Respiratory System.

A nice simplied powerpoint and here’s a 4m 25 s video: The Human Body – Heart & Circulation .

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