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Group 1 – Alkali Metals (C9.2 Group properties)

Two short videos from The Virtual School What are groups in the periodic table? and the alkali metals.

A classic Open University clip about the (group I) alkali metals:

Brainiac carried out similar demonstrations – or were they faked? You decide.

Other videos featuring the alkali metals include part 1 of Science Bank 3: Patterns of Reactivity (to 4m 10s) and Chemistry of Groups 1, 7 & 0, and a 12m lesson from ChemistryKlipz.

The Periodic Table of Videos present the group 1 elements (the alkali metals): lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium (potassium has the best reaction).




Infographic courtesy of the fabulous Compound Interest blog – just click on it to enlarge.