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C4 Syllabus Statements

TEXTBOOK REVISION Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 5, pp.66 – 71 & chapter 6, pp.76 – 83

Here are some key terms for this topic: Key Terms C4

IGCSE Chemistry: Topic 4 Stoichiometry, a series of 9 lessons from Sal Sciab.

IGCSE Chemistry: Basic Calculations, a 15m lesson from ChemistryKlipz (some of which we don’t need for the exam).

2 videos on Stoichiometry which probably go into too much detail but are very good – Hank Green from Crash Course Chemistry talks very fast & Salman Khan does not.

Great resources from the Australian International School – videos, powerpoints, worksheets, practicals, animations, flashcards etc.

A good powerpoint that covers most of what you need but misses out calculations for gases and solutions (and you don’t need % composition – slides 13-22):

Writing Formulae & constructing Equations

A superb power-point from Mr Taylor (we thank you):

Balancing chemical equations (from the Khan Academy):

You can practise balancing chemical reactions here – and it’s fun (honestly). Or you could play Chemical Compound Hangman.

GCSE s-cool – Writing Formulae & Balancing Equations (includes ‘the Mole’ but not molar calculations) – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary. Worksheets from Mr Guch that cover Naming Compounds; and here are some more. And here’s some more on Balancing Equations. Also Chemactive worksheets & answers just click on Reactions questions.

For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down.

The law of conservation of mass – Todd Ramsey – a 4m 30s TED-Ed lesson.


Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 5, pp.66 – 71

9H Using Chemistry

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Chemical Reactionsa video covering Word Equations, Oxidation & Combustion Reactions, Decomposition Reactions & Helpful & Unhelpful Reactions.
Complete & Incomplete combustion (for GCSE):

Carbon monoxide (the silent killer):

Potassium chlorate and a gummy bear:

Short Circuit – a 19m video on Polymers.