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P11 Magnetism

Science Bank 7 (Electricity & Magnetism): you just need part 2 – magnetism (from 6m 10s to 10m 5s):

Three short video clips from Clipbank: Magnetic Field Lines, Electromagnets & Electromagnets – everyday uses.

Science in Focus – Electromagnetism – a 20m video.

Two older videos from BBC Short Circuit – Magnetism (19m 22s) & Electromagnetism (19m).

8J Magnets & Electromagnets

A video lesson on Magnets & Electromagnets (11m).

Science in Action – Electricity & Magnetism – a 20m video; Scientific Eye – Magnetism – a 19m 24s video; Scientific Eye – Electricity & Magnetism (20m).

KS3 Bitesize – Electricity & Magnetism – a foundation-level video covering Electrical Current in Circuits, Bar Magnets & Magnetic Fields and then Electromagnets & Electromagnets – a higher-level 5m 40s video.