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Haber Process & Ammonia

A short video form The Virtual School – what are fertilisers?:

The Virtual School explains the Haber process:

IGCSE Chemistry topic 11, part 4 – Haber-Bosch process:

An 8m vid about nitrogen & the Haber process – Useful Products from the Air (GCSE BBC Science Bitesize). Also Science Bank 11 (Industrial Chemistry): part 1 covers ammonia & fertilisers (to 4m 45s) and BBC Short Circuit Ammonia is a 19m video covering the same subject. Fritz Haber: Great Minds (a 9m 40s video from Hank Green).

GCSE Bitesize also covers Reversible Reactions in a 4m 48s video.

This powerpoint covers the Contact Process before the Haber Process (and then alloys):

GCSE s-cool – Reversible Reactions: the Haber process – revision notes

For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down to ‘9. Reversible Reactions, Equilibrium, Ammonia Manufacture & Uses’. 

Great resources from the Australian International School – videos, powerpoints, worksheets, practicals, animations, flashcards etc.


Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 16, pp.226 – 228