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9C Plants & Photosynthesis

A nice short introduction to Photosynthesis (from Twig World)

Appalling song but over 1.7 million hits!

Here’s a 6m 22s video on Photosynthesis from Wan2TlkScience? 

Also, Science in Action: Photosynthesis (19m); Scientific Eye: Photosynthesis (19m) and Green Plants (19m); Short Circuit: Photosynthesis (18m 17s).

Life in the Greenhouse (Science in Focus) a 19m video.

For tutorials & tests on this topic from ‘skoool’ go here and scroll down to 49 onwards.

KS3 Bitesize foundation level – Green Plants as Organismsa video covering Photosynthesis & Respiration, Plant Nutrition, structure & function of Roots and Reproduction & KS3 Bitesize higher level – Life Processesa video covering the details of Photosynthesis, the Structure & Function of the Leaf and the details of Respiration.