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2.2 Water

BioKnowledgy 2.2 Water from Chris Paine (at Dulwich College Shangai) – taken from his fabulous blog BioKnowledgy.

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos, or many assessment statements are covered by Stephanie Castle (with more being added all the time).

Here is a short, simple animation to show hydrogen bonding between water molecules.

An excellent video from Mr Andersen at Bozeman Hugh School: Water, a polar molecule:

How polarity makes water behave strangely – a 4m TED-Ed video from Christina Kleinberg.

In Crash Course Biology #2: Water – Liquid Awesome, Hank teaches us why water is one of the most fascinating and important substances in the universe.

C11 Syllabus Statements

Air and water from Carole Paquette – this powerpoint covers most of what you need to know (it just misses out some of the effects of carbon dioxide as a pollutant).



Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE, chapter 15, pp.210 – 219 & chapter 16, pp.226 – 228, pp.234 – 235 & 238 – 239 (and p.124 for water tests)

Here are some key terms for this topic: Key Terms C11