The whole Chemistry syllabus in one powerpoint

Just about all you need to know is here:

You can download it:Β Chemistry Revision Guide (2016)Β and yes, it is the same for the 2016 syllabus as it was for 2013 – 2014 (thank you Mr Field).

And this just covers the Industrial Chemistry sections:

Industrial chemistry from cartlidge

Here are Revision sheets (for you to download and complete) that cover all the practical techniques you need to know:

and here are all the chemical reactions that you must know:

2 thoughts on “The whole Chemistry syllabus in one powerpoint

  1. Dayana

    Hi! Thank you very much for helping me improve in Biology with those notes.. I’m thankful for your work and effort, science has always been my weakest subject and I’m glad I am able to keep up using your notes πŸ™‚ We’re currently covering Physics and Chemistry after, would you mind sending me the PDF Notes asap? Thanks again and excellent work on the notes!

    1. Mr Cartlidge Post author

      Hi Dayana

      Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately there are no revision notes for Chemistry or Physics. You could try Accelerated Study Notes.
      All the best!


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